Reiki and Me

Reiki definitions abound and I encourage you to go on line, pick up a book, poke around my website, or start a conversation with a Reiki practitioner and explore as many as you can.  I have a personal relationship with Reiki; over the years, it has become like an old friend.  There have been times when we have lost touch and forget how much we mean to each other, or how wonderful it feels to be together.  When I realize I have not been attentive it is right there, forgiving and happy to see me.  Times when we celebrate overcoming a challenge with joy and laughter (yes I laugh aloud at “nothing”).  Although I do not talk about it often, Reiki is with me every day flowing through my life, teaching me.

I have been attuned and initiated through Master’s level in two Reiki traditions.  My first set of attunements did not work very well for me; we had a contentious relationship with no real flow or respect for each other.    It was very helpful in making the energetic experience tangible for me on good days; on bad days it was just plain painful.  People who I worked with complained that the energy was uncomfortable and “spikey”.    I found it was most useful for “little” things headaches, sprains, healing wounds but I was never comfortable giving full “treatments”.  I had pretty much decided that I was Reiki challenged.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears…or when the teacher is ready, the student appears.  I had begun a time of transformation a time that would challenge my ego and tear down so many of the constructs I had created.  A Master came into my life introduced by a friend and offered to share Reiki with me, I found myself saying “yes”.  There are times in my life when my higher self responds for me that was one of those moments.  My conscious self was all up in arms about having time, and trusting another person to teach me yet the words from my mouth accepted the offer.  This Master is today one of my closed friends and spirit siblings.
The second set of initiations through Master level was one of the most pleasant personal growth experiences I have had.  You may have noticed that I used the term “share Reiki with me” as opposed to “tech me Reiki” when I speak of this experience.  I believe that no one teaches you Reiki.  There are foundational items like symbols, hand positions, and lineage those are taught by a Master.  The rest Reiki experientially teaches you and the Master mentors you through the process.  I learn from Reiki every day and that is why I call it a relationship.

I believe Reiki is a divine energy perhaps even the life force itself, though we are still working on that one it does not like to be pigeon holed.  I am a conduit, a funnel, for this energy it is not of me and I do not perform any “healing”.  It is my job to get out of my own way and the way of the energy and allow it to flow through me un-hindered into the energy of the recipient to be utilized by their higher self.  The sense of peace I feel while channeling Reiki is amazing.  It roots out all of the non-helpful voices and settles my consciousness, and soul.  I have been told it is also very nice for the recipient and the energy is comforting.

My favorite thing about Reiki?  In the last tradition I was initiated into part of the process puts safeguards in place that protect me from any “backwash” and protect the recipient from my “issues”.  I was able to give Reiki treatments while I was undergoing Chemotherapy with no side effects to the people I worked with, and trust me I had “issues” at the time.

My least favorite thing is that there can be a temptation to by-pass a person’s free will.  The first Reiki modality I experienced had no regard for free will, mine or other peoples.  It would turn on and send to someone simply walking by on the sidewalk.  The idea is that the divine source knows what is best, and even if the waking self has not asked you for help, the higher self has.  Free will is sacred to me, and I work to honor the free will of all beings.  I have my good days and bad days, but that is my intention.   The Reiki I know now is an ally and peer and we enjoy each other’s companionship.

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