Wellness Testimonials:

Kami is a highly accurate psychic who is authentic to the path of a lightworker. Her guidance is clear and her heart is open. Just sharing space with her while receiving information can be healing and creates openings in your heart and mind. I highly recommend taking the time to experience her work” ~Lisa

Spirit Testimonials:

I have had several readings done by Kami. Her accuracy is impressive. Her focus goes immediately to details of a question or insight well beyond the obvious empirical realm. Kami reads honestly what she sees, so don’t ask if you don’t really want to know.” ~Dennis

Where do I start sharing about my experiences with Kami…….. I first began seeing Kami for readings a few years ago. Since then several members of my family and close friends have also become repeat customers. We all continue to seek readings with Kami because we are looking for someone who is accurate and has a comfortably presence as well as pleasant personality. She has never disappointed; only continues to amaze with the calm wisdom she shares. I am certain you will have similar experiences should you have the pleasure of speaking with Kami.” ~Dominique

Kami has offered me unique insights in her readings by drawing from not only what is in the cards but from her clairaudient abilities as well. She is sensitive and creates a sense of peace during even difficult readings. I have had pleasant experiences with Kami as a reader and a spiritual counselor as she has brought forth not only her wisdom, abilities, vast knowledge, but her humor as well. I have seen several readers throughout my life, and I have found Kami to be one of the exceptional ones as she is a natural counselor whose readings flow and delve into the pragmatic world as well as the spiritual world thus creating a sense of confidence and truth.” ~Denise